Concept art creative work boosted by AI. How to speed up your brainstorming?

Speed up concept brainstorming by quickly generating relevant and accurate concept arts using

Concept art creative work boosted by AI. How to speed up your brainstorming?

Concept work demands a lot of trial and error. You come up with an idea, but only once you can see a mockup, some sort of a prototype, only then you can tell if this is the right direction, or maybe you need to keep looking and put together other ideas. provides great and easy-to-use tools for concept art creation and stylization, that will enable you and your team to quickly go through multiple scenarios to find the perfect one you were looking for all along.

Be it a video game, a video, or anything else, with our AI boost you can shorten the concept phase, and deliver great examples of specific art styles, so everyone in the team can have a taste of the vibes you are trying to build. Below I will present a few simple ideas on how to effectively create concept art visuals for your project.

Start with a screenshot of your prototype

Assuming that you work on a video game. And you are just making a simple scene in Unreal Engine, or Unity, or even Blender. Don't have any textures or lighting done yet. What you are looking for is, to check what kind of atmosphere it will build, once you have it all finished.

To do it fast, without texturing and lighting the whole scene, you can just use the grid view screenshot as the base of your concept art. For this example, I will use an image I found in a Google search:

As you can see, I have uploaded it to our AI generator. I selected "Entire image" as our base for new creations. I have also chosen 2 times upscale to get 2400x2400 pixels resolution. For the style itself, instead of writing a new prompt, I have just chosen one of the presets with an astronaut. We need it mostly to set up a mood for an image.

After picking the option I am interested in, I click Generate, wait a few seconds for an image to process, and here is the result:

AI Generator with uploaded image. Set for Entire Image as source, and used a preset "Astronaut"

I can, obviously, make many variations in an instant. All I need to do is click "Back to Edit" on a screen with the result image. And change the prompt, or choose a different preset, for example:

Used preset: Cyberpunk
Used preset "Cyberpunk Droid" from available presets
Here we moved the whole scene to planet Mars. The prompt we used: colony on the surface of Mars planet. Reddish sandstorm, deep orange fog. Small habitat covered by glass dome
The same scene re-imagined as a soviet style utopia. The prompt used: soviet style metropolis with cars, planes, people
Used a "marble statue" preset to see how the scene might look like when using various materials
Reimagined the scene, but took a lot of inspiration from the Alien movie. Prompt used: weird organical world full of bio mechanics in the style of H. R. Giger
But if we want, we could go in a completely different direction. Maybe just to ensure this is not the style you are looking for. Prompt used: "path and trees in idyllic Italian valley."

Let's come back for a moment to the initial example from this article's featured image. We took a screenshot from the game Hellish Quart, which is developed in Poland fencing game:

It's just a simple character selection screen.

Now we will upload this screen to our Generator, select "Entire Image" as the source of edges, and either select one of nearly 100 presets, or write my own prompt:

Let's start easy, for a prompt we used the existing preset for "Medieval knight in armor". Notice how the AI kept the sword of a character on the left.
Here we used the preset for a Devil. Although presets were initially made with Avatar Creator in mind, they work well with our project.
Fighting on the moon? I am breathless! We used the preset for an Astronaut again.
How about some Primal Fight? This could be actually quite cool. For a prompt we used a preset for "Neanderthal"
Marble statues coming to life in your new game. For a prompt we used preset "Marble Statue"

Is there a way to use AI for renders?

Yes! In a way, you could use AI as a faster and cheaper renderer for your 3d models or scenes. However, you need to be aware that AI will not keep the results 100% consistent at all times. There will be mistakes, bugs, and weird results. Most of the time though, it provides great and fast results. I would recommend to repeat generating the image without any changes if the first result is only slightly different from your expectations. If you expected something completely different,

If you want to talk with a customer about interior design, showing them a 20 fast drafts with 20 different styles will give you an idea to move forward. Without the need of difficult arranging the project and rendering variations.

That's a base model 
And here we have an example result. We used the base model image as our source data + prompt: "wooden house in the mountains"
Source: 3d model of an apartment interior
And the result. Prompt: "Luxury apartment during sunset"
Simple 3d model of a dragon as a base image
And the result based on the image above. Prompt: "dragon flying over a lake"

As it's quite easy to notice, the possibilities are endless. But the most attractive in this method is that you can easily create 50 different styles for the same scene in one minute. And you can all have something visual to rely on when brainstorming ideas. Too often a good idea is lost, just because someone is not able to well explain it to the rest of the team, or even if explained well idea is later badly visualized by others. Here we have an instant solution, that works in our most sensitive sense. One picture is worth a hundred words indeed. Although usually, 6 words in a prompt should be enough ;).