Enhancing eCommerce photos using AI

Enhancing eCommerce photos using AI

If you are an eCommerce owner you know that hi-resolution and quality images are important. They can catch customers’ attention, significantly raising conversion rates and sales. When products are greatly presented, clients buy them with a good grace.

eCommerce was rapidly growing year by year. Now, when the whole world changed in just a few months, it is blooming more than ever. Because of that, having great photos is now a must.

Here is where Deep-image.ai is a tool worth considering. The app can directly impact your eCommerce by either enlarging or enhancing images. Try it for free using Batch processing integrated with Google Drive (https://deep-image.ai/application/batch), or API (https://deep-image.ai/#library).

Enlarging PNG images for AutoSyncStudio

AutoSyncStudio is a wheel and vehicle pairing studio that provides API for eCommerce websites. Their goal was to receive wheels images enlarged x2 without quality loss. This was the requirement to provide good 3D modeling effects. Because of that, they decided to process over 10 000 small wheels images with Deep-Image.

Wheels before and after upscaling

Below you will find the example of how the wheels look before and after upscaling. Can you spot any difference between the small and bigger one? If not, then great :)


With a custom process and cooperation from both sides, the final results met the requirements of enlarging, keeping the high quality of the wheels.

I would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ AutoSyncStudio for trusting us. We’re really happy that Deep-Image could help another business to improve its services. We are looking forward to future collaboration.