Enhancing Images with Captions - The API Feature from Deep-image.ai

Enhancing Images with Captions - The API Feature from Deep-image.ai

Deep-image.ai, known for its innovative image processing solutions, has introduced a compelling new feature that offers users an intuitive way to add captions to their images. This functionality is not only a testament to the evolving capabilities of image editing software but also highlights the seamless integration of text and visual data in today's digital landscape.

Introducing the Caption Feature

The newly released 'caption' parameter allows any image to be added as a caption to a result image, opening up a plethora of creative possibilities for users. This feature is particularly useful for professionals in graphic design, marketing, and social media, where combining text and imagery is a common practice.

Here is a snippet of the code that demonstrates the simplicity of this feature:

This code block exemplifies how users can easily specify the details of their caption, including its position, size, padding, and opacity.

Flexible Caption Options

One of the standout features of this tool is the flexibility it offers. Users can specify various parameters for their captions, such as:

  • Position: The caption can be placed in various positions relative to the main image. In the example, 'RB' indicates a 'Right Bottom' position, but users can choose other positions based on their design needs.
  • Size: With 'target_width_percentage,' users can control the size of the caption relative to the main image, ensuring that it complements rather than overwhelms the primary visual.
  • Padding and Opacity: These options give additional control over the aesthetic of the caption, allowing users to ensure that the text is both legible and harmoniously integrated with the image.

Practical Applications

The practical applications of this feature are vast. For instance, businesses can use it to add their logos or promotional messages to product images. Content creators can overlay captions or watermarks for brand consistency or copyright protection. The feature's ease of use makes it accessible to both professionals and hobbyists alike.

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Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin / Unsplash


Deep-image.ai's new caption feature represents a significant step forward in image processing technology. By allowing users to seamlessly integrate text and images, it opens up new avenues for creative expression and effective communication in the digital realm. Whether for professional use or personal projects, this feature is set to enhance the way we interact with and present visual content.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovative features from Deep-image.ai, as they continue to redefine the boundaries of image processing technology.