Getty Images Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Image Generator with Commercial Safety

Getty Images Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Image Generator with Commercial Safety

In an era driven by visuals, the demand for high-quality images for various commercial purposes is ever-increasing. To meet this demand, Getty Images, a global leader in visual content, has joined forces with NVIDIA, a pioneer in computing technology, to introduce a groundbreaking service: Generative AI by Getty Images.

This innovative AI-powered image generation tool not only promises stunning visuals but also prioritizes commercial safety, making it a game-changer in the world of content creation.

Generative AI By Getty Images Offers Commercial Safety

Powered by NVIDIA's advanced AI model known as Picasso, Generative AI by Getty Images is designed to revolutionize content creation while maintaining uncompromised quality and commercial safety.

It leverages Getty Images' extensive library of licensed content, providing an end-to-end solution for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their visual asset creation process.

One of the standout features of this tool is its unwavering commitment to commercial safety. Getty Images assures users of "uncapped indemnification," offering financial protection against potential intellectual property claims. In an ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape, this feature provides peace of mind to creators and businesses alike.

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Text-Prompt-to-Image Generation for Ultimate Creativity

The tool's user-friendly API allows customers to describe their desired visuals using simple text prompts. The AI tool then transforms these prompts into corresponding images in real-time. This functionality holds immense potential for industries such as advertising, design, and digital marketing, as it enables precise customization of visual assets.

Despite its impressive technological capabilities, questions surrounding responsible AI use remain pertinent. Getty Images has implemented stringent safeguards to prevent the generation of problematic content, demonstrating their commitment to ethical AI practices.

Furthermore, the partnership includes a model to compensate original content creators, aligning with ongoing discussions about AI ethics and fair remuneration for creators.

A Growing Trend in Generative AI

Getty Images is not alone in its pursuit of "safer" and more ethical approaches to generative AI for commercial use. Other industry players are also making strides in this direction:

  1. Shutterstock: In January 2023, Shutterstock unveiled its AI image generator, developed in collaboration with OpenAI. This initiative addresses ethical concerns by compensating artists whose work is used as part of AI training data and indemnifying customers using the AI image generation tool for commercial projects.
  2. Adobe: Adobe has introduced Firefly, a generative AI technology integrated into Creative Cloud. This versatile tool covers various creative tasks, from image editing to color matching, and ensures ethical use by participating in initiatives like the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and compensating Adobe Stock contributors whose work contributes to AI training.
  3. Canva: Canva, a popular design platform, offers AI-powered image generation through partnerships with Google Cloud and OpenAI. While it emphasizes responsible technology, it does not explicitly state that AI-generated images are safe for commercial use.
  4. OpenAI's DALL·E 3: OpenAI's latest text-to-image model, DALL·E 3, is making its way into various platforms, offering creative freedom to users. Commercial usage terms may vary depending on the platform.
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Photo by Mariia Shalabaieva / Unsplash - Boosting Image Resolution with AI

In addition to these exciting developments in generative AI, the application deserves special mention. This remarkable application harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to increase image resolution, making it an invaluable tool for photographers, designers, and content creators.

Whether you need to enhance the clarity of an old photograph or upscale an image for large-scale printing, can help you achieve stunning results.


The world of generative AI is evolving rapidly, offering new avenues for creativity and content creation while emphasizing ethical use and fair compensation for creators. As technology continues to advance, it's crucial for users to consider the terms and protections associated with AI-generated content, especially when using it for commercial projects.

Generative AI is undoubtedly transforming the creative landscape, and the future looks promising for businesses and individuals seeking visually captivating solutions.