How to create images based on face details

How to create your own unique avatars with AI and a photo of your face. Short tutorial that will explain step by step how to create your very own avatars.

How to create images based on face details

Do you want to generate interesting images, but with your face in it? Now you can finally do it. You can turn a person into somebody else, while keeping the resemblance intact. You can make a beautiful YouTube thumbnails, where for example if you talk about fires, you can look like a firefighter.

This short tutorial will explain how make any avatar with your face using web tools. Please have in mind, that all this can be also done automatically via API connection, so you are not restricted to webapp only :-).

It all starts with a picture:

  1. Upload the photo where a face is fully visible without any objects covering it such as sunglasses, hand, or other items.
  2. Choose main subject selection based on the face details
  3. Pick from one of the nearly 100 existing presets.
  4. Or you can use the prompt field below to write your very own prompt like in an example below:

5. On a right hand side you can specify additional options, such as final image dimensions, and few other settings, but usually you can just leave all that on default.

6. Click "Generate", and we are done!

Gratulations, you just made your first avatar using AI powered tools in Feel free to experiment with the feature and try out different options and setups. You can come up with very interesting, and unique results.

If you are looking for a way to use this via API, have a look at our documentation to find out more.