How to turn your child drawings into beautiful art? Easy step by step tutorial

How to turn your child drawings into beautiful art? Easy step by step tutorial

There is a easy way to create a wonderful gift or a memory of your childs' creations. I will show you how to use AI to quickly turn those drawings, paintings and other art into something different and interesting. You can surprise your kids with a beautiful, printed artbook made from their best drawings.

There are many use cases for such re-imagination of the initial drawing. But today, let's focus on children drawings. Try to imagine, how happy a child would be, if you took it's drawing seriously, put a tiny bit of extra effort to turn it into something almost magical. For example turn this drawing:

Into something completely new, and the quality is print-ready:

prompt: little girl and two plush friends going to school

How can I turn drawings into new piece of art?

It's actually surprisingly simple. First of all, you will need to create a free account in For the rest of the steps, I will assume that you already have an account (it can be free account) and we will move forward from that.

  1. Go to the AI Generator and upload your drawing:

2. From option below select "Entire image", as we want the edges of the entire image to be taken into consideration when generating a new image.

3. In the prompt section, you should write down what you see on the drawing, or what the child explained to you, it sees there. Which might be a different thing. For our example I wrote "a man is using the hose to water a giant tree"

4. You can upscale the image to better resolution while generating, or you can do it later as a separate operation. Most of the time you can leave all options on default. Once you are happy with all the options, click Generate.

5. After processing you can view the result. And you can immediately download it, or go "Back to edit" and generate the image again to get a slightly different result. You might also want to experiment a little bit with various prompts to see what kind of results you can achieve.

And that's it! You are all done. Remember that you can later further process all the images. To upscale them, remove unwanted background etc.

Remember, it's important that you have fun. And the process is nearly as important as the result, so don't be afraid to try new things, try doing impossible stuff and laugh with the weirdest results you get.

original image
Reimagined by AI.