How we made a Bike Safety Campaign in one day using AI

Effective NGO campaign with high quality assets in just one day.

How we made a Bike Safety Campaign in one day using AI

It all starts with the idea. We saw an excellent campaign made for Podlaskie Woivoidship made by Whitebits and wanted to help get the communication across about the importance of wearing a helmet when bike riding. It can prevent even 88% head injuries, which sometimes can be fatal, or cause damage that might impact somebody's whole life.

How to use AI to make unique content, that will highlight your message?

That's the top question, you should ask yourself, when starting work on a new communication campaign. What will be the powerhouse, the core that will pull the whole campaign forward. In this case, it's the "wow factor", effect of surprise and thinking outside the box. We decided to get wild animals, put them on bikes and make them wear helmets.

Things like that are possible only with Artificial Intelligence

It would be nearly impossible, and ineffective to go to the forest and make a real photo session. First of all, we picture wild animals, and not pets. Some animals might not enjoy biking and wearing a helmet at all. So a far better solution is to simply generate needed pictures. Of course it requires some trial and error to get the best results. While generating the 9 posters below, we had 1-3 bad results per image. So only 1 in 4 generated images were up to our standards for this project. The prompt itself was very simple:

photo of a wild lynx in helmet riding a bike. In the background the forest

For each animal we used exactly same prompt with just changed the name of the animal. Of course, the prompt could be much more sophisticated, longer, with more details etc. But it was unnecessary, and we were happy with our results.

After we generated all the images of animals, we upscaled some of them, especially if we knew there would be some cropping involved. For example for a squirrel the bike generated with double handlebars, so we just cropped the image a bit, to hide it. We have used standard editor to add texts, logo, put subtle shadows behind text to make it easier to read. And the 9 posters campaign promoting wearing the bike helmet is ready! All that was done in less than two hours by just one person from start to finish. Achieving similar results to the kind of projects done by whole teams of marketing departments during a 2 weeks period just a few years ago.

Please have a look at the images below, if you like them, please share the message and remember to wear a helmet :). All images below are free to use for anything. I wish you many safe trips on your bikes. Martin from

If you are interested in making your own version of a similar project, have a look at the image setup here. If you click "Back to edit" you can see how exactly everything is adjusted. It's a simple config to be honest. And should not really make issues for you.