Understanding Credits System and Referral Benefits in Deep-image.ai

Understanding Credits  System and Referral Benefits in Deep-image.ai
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In the innovative world of AI imaging, Deep-image.ai stands out not only for its advanced technology but also for its user-friendly credit and referral system. Here's an in-depth look at how this system works, ensuring that both new and existing users can maximize their experience on the platform.

Understanding Credits System

At Deep-image.ai, when you subscribe to the service, you're allocated a monthly budget of credits. These credits are essential for creating images; each image you generate costs one credit, no matter how many enhancements you apply to it. This straightforward system allows users to plan their usage without worrying about varying costs.

What makes the credit system particularly appealing is its flexibility. You can use all your credits within the given month or choose to roll them over to the next month. This carryover is permitted as long as you maintain your subscription, with a maximum accumulation limit of up to three months’ worth of credits. However, it’s important to note that if you decide to cancel your subscription, any unused credits will be forfeited.

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Leveraging the Referral Program

Deep-image.ai also offers a lucrative referral program designed to benefit both the referrer and the new user. Here’s how it works:

  • For Existing Users: If you share your unique referral code with someone and they use it to make a purchase, you will receive an additional 50% credits based on the amount of their first purchase. For instance, if your referral purchases a subscription worth 500 credits, you will receive an extra 250 credits, boosting your total credit count significantly.
  • For New Users: New users who sign up with a referral code also gain a 50% credit bonus on their first purchase. Using the same example, a new user purchasing a 500-credit subscription with a referral code will start with 750 credits.

The referral code system is designed to be highly user-friendly:

  • Existing Users: You can share your referral code an unlimited number of times, maximizing your potential to earn more credits.
  • New Users: A referral code can only be used once by a new user, ensuring that the benefits are spread widely among potential new subscribers.

How to Obtain and Use a Referral Code

You can generate a unique referral code directly from your profile on the Deep-image.ai platform. This code can be shared with potential new users. When they use your referral code during their initial purchase, the referral benefits are automatically applied to both accounts as described above.

Practical Example

To put this into perspective, consider this scenario:

  • You start the month with 100 credits in your account.
  • You share your referral code with a friend, who then subscribes to a 500-credit plan.
  • Thanks to your referral, you receive an additional 250 credits, bringing your total to 350 credits.
  • Simultaneously, your friend enjoys a bonus, starting with 750 credits instead of the standard 500.


Deep-image.ai’s credit and referral system is designed to enrich the user experience by making it more flexible and rewarding. Whether you're a casual user or a heavy consumer of AI-generated imagery, the platform provides ample opportunities to maximize your investment and enjoy enhanced creativity. By leveraging the referral system, you can significantly increase your credits and, consequently, your capacity to create stunning AI-driven images.