Using AI Image enhancement tools in Virtual Reality

Simple way to use in VR. It's easier than you imagine and works very well.

Using AI Image enhancement tools in Virtual Reality

One of the best things about using a web based platform is it's wide availability. It doesn't really matter if you are using a desktop computer, tablet, phone, even TV, Chromebook,  or a fridge, as long as there is a web browser, you can use on it.

Ai Generated 180 degree Panoramas for Quest 3

To make the best of the latest technologies, you can actually use a build in web browser in your VR device to generate and download 180 panoramas directly to your headset. You can later on watch them in pseudo-3D, which is quite entertaining.

For Quest 3, you can generate panorama like this one, but 10 times bigger resolution.

To start, you need to open up a browser of your choice on your VR headset. Open and log in to your account. Let's assume that we want to generate the above mentioned panoramas. We will open the AI Generator PRO, and set it up:

Prompt is completely up to you, although I usually mention at the beginning that it's a panoramic view of something. It's important to check what's the desired 180 degrees panorama dimensions/resolution for your particular device.

For mine it is 11922x3914 pixels. So as you can see, we deal with large files here. It's important to have them right, otherwise it might just not work, or look very ugly in VR. After you set everything up, you click Generate and wait a moment for the result. Once done, download the results by clicking on a button. The positive is that you are downloading it directly on the device, so there is no need to transfer files from the computer.

And it's done! Of course, you can do much much more with this. You can reimagine existing photos. Or screenshots from your activities. you can upscale and/or enhance low-quality pictures to use them in VR. Have a look at the video below to get a feeling of the workflow in VR while using image enhancement tools.

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